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Soil Stabilisation

Re-Drive provide a range of Soil Stabilisation services for a large range of applications.

Soil Stabilisation is the process of altering soils to enhance their physical properties. This process can increase the strength of a soil and help control its shrink/swell properties, thus improving the load bearing capacity of a sub-grade to support pavements, foundations and vehicle loads.

Soil Stabilisation can be used to enhance roads, parking and storage areas, site development grounds and many other situations where sub-soils are not suitable for construction. Stabilisation can be used to treat a wide range of sub-grade materials, varying from expansive clays to granular materials. This process is accomplished using a variety of additives including lime and cement.

Careful design and testing are the key steps of any stabilisation project. This will establish accurate design criteria in determining the correct additives and admixture rates to be used to achieve the required engineering properties. Re-Drive are able to provide the right equipment, and consultancy for all your Soil Stabilisation projects. 98% of soil within the UK can be stabilised.

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