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25 years experience within Redrive

Proven to reduce off site movements by up to 85%

Re-Drive are one of the UK's leading specialists in soil and track stabilisation. With an ever-increasing demand to recycle construction materials and the need to save on transport costs, Re-Drive are able to utilise existing materials on site. Our specialised machinery can modify a wide variety of materials for the construction industry, agriculture and domestic use.


Whether you are faced with a damaged or potholed surface or you need to build a new road to a house or yard, the options have been few and far between.

This might include a Driveway, Path, Road, Track, Car Park or Hard Standing.

Even if you choose to fill the holes with stone or have a full resurface using ready-mix concrete or tarmac, there is an enormous cost involved and the process can take time, meaning your surface is unusable.

Using our stabilisation process we can achieve a more time and cost effective result.

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